Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Therapeutic grade Essential oils, are beautiful and helps create a calming and relaxing atmosphere when inhaled or diffused, and designed to help you live a healthy life. They are liquid energy lovingly distilled from the shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. Essential oils are truly amazing.

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The Path to More

Make a difference in the lives of people, and reap amazing income and wonderful rewards for doing so. It’s all about caring and sharing. If you can do that, you can promote wellness, health, meaning, purpose and abundance with others and help them on a path and journey for health and longevity.

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Your Health Coach

I'm genuinely happy and excited to be your personal health coach! Do you have any questions about a particular health concern or about a particular product? Want to learn more about getting started with Young Living and our team? I am here to help, just send me a message.

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Young Living - Wellness with Essential Oils

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Ancient Biblical Oils

Essential Oils are small drops of living energy in a bottle. Essential oils aren't anything new, the Egyptians used it for cosmetics, as well as medicinal and healing purposes, essential oils were also used over 2000 years ago in the Holy Bible times.

There are many testimonies of wonderful results using essential oils. And is it really any surprise?  Our Father in heaven gave us plants for our healing, Ezekiel 47:12, “Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”  Or as the KJV version says, “their leaves for medicine.”

“Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Messiah” – As written in the book of James, chapter 5, verse 14.

“This is to be my sacred anointing oil for the generations to come.” – Exodus 30:31

“Anointing you with the oil of joy.” Psalm 45:7, Hebrews 1:9


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CompletePower Meal


There is beauty and wonder in planting a seed and watching it grow. Just as the seeds of our essential oils are carefully sown, the wholesome ingredients in our wellness products have been cultivated for complete body health.

To put the power of complete health and wellness into your hands, we have carefully crafted a line of essential oils, all-natural vitamins and product solutions designed to help you live a long, balanced and healthy life.


Safe Toxic & Chemical Free Home

Join the Australian NATURAL & SAFE revolution! We are passionate about helping you transform your home, room by room, into a 'chemical free' and safe sanctuary. Our aim is to make it simple for you to take a step towards a healthier home, a healthier family and a cleaner planet, by saying NO to the toxic chemical overload we have become accustomed to today. Many everyday products today contain a cocktail of harsh, synthetic chemicals that are wreaking havoc upon your health, and upon your young children and babies! By choosing to bring home safer products that you spray around your homes and apply to your children's skin, you can be more confident of protecting yourself and your family. We may not have control over all our toxic chemical exposure, but we have total control over what we use in our homes.

Bringing safe and beautiful aromatherapy and pure wellness to everything in your home, from the people that you love to the cleaning supplies that you need. "Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects and psychological abnormalities." – Consumer Product Safety Commission




Weight Management

Slique Challenge Kit:

The Slique Kit for weight loss is the ultimate all natural weight management combination. The Kit contains essential oils, daily beverages and meal replacements that:

  • May help to control sugar, cravings and hunger*
  • May help provide natural bood sugar control*
  • May act as a natural detox remedy*
  • May be helpful with decongestion of the lymphatic system*
  • May help enhance digestion and minimizes indigestion*
  • May help reduce water retention*


Personal Care

Enjoy beautiful and luxurious shower gels, hair care, lotions and soaps to soothe you, and give you a fresh start.

Instead of using hair shampoo, soaps, lotions etc filled with harmful and toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients, consider instead getting the safer Young Living gentle hair and other personal products.

They are a much safer alternative to the dangerous and harmful chemicals being used today in all sorts of products.

Enjoy our beautiful Evening Peace™ Bath & Shower Gel, as it refreshes the skin and calms the mind. Essential oils such as Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium invoke feelings of serenity and relaxation to soothe and nourish.

We need to also consider our young children’s safety and well being. KidScents® Shampoo contains no synthetic perfumes, colors, or toxic ingredients, making them a wonderful alternative to the harmful chemicals in other kid’s hair shampoos. The natural components in this shampoo effectively yet gently cleanse without causing irritation.

PersonalCarePersonal Care Lavender-Series


Beauty & Skin Care

Young Living’s Age Refining Technology™ do not use any harmful chemicals or dangerous ingredients like so many others products do.  Young Living's beauty & skin care uses essential oils and advanced DNA repair enzymes to renew damaged skin cells, while a peptide complex helps increase skin density and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage.

If you are like me, and millions of others, and do not want to put chemicals onto your face, then this skin care package is a wonderfully safer and healthier alternative.

Take care what you and your family use and put onto your skin.  With Young Living products, this is a huge priority that we only use safe chemical free products in our homes and on ourselves, specially, around and on our children and babies.

Omega3 & Essential Oils

OmegaGize3™ combines the power of three core daily supplements—omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D3, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). These supplements combine with our proprietary enhancement essential oil blend to create an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement that may support general wellness. ESSENTIAL OILS: Clove, German Chamomile, Spearmint.

Primary Benefits of Omega 3:
  • Supports cardiovascular and skeletal health*
  • Supports normal, healthy brain function*
  • Supplies critical EPA and DHA nutrients*
  • Supports normal immune response and antioxidant levels*
  • Promotes normal eye, skin, and joint health*
  • Promotes emotional well-being*
  • Supports general wellness

Omega 3 oils go very well with other Young Living Essentials oils such as Peace & Calming, Valor, Lavender etc.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




Young Living’s Home Diffusers

Discover the transformative, aromatic power of essential oils throughout your home or office. Our diffusers let you reap the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy in any room in your home or office.

Young Living’s Home Diffuser emits essential oils into the air using state of- the-art ultrasonic technology and is an ideal alternative to synthetic air fresheners. Features timer settings and the option to enjoy its soothing light system. Free 5 ml Lavender and 5 ml Citrus Fresh with purchase. NOTE: The Home diffuser is capable of diffusing any essential oil. 

Aria™ Diffuser: is a unique, stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home. It features solid American maple base and remote, glass dome to direct the essential oil vapour, relaxing multicoloured LED lights and a selection of soothing, built-in sounds. FREE 5 ml Lavender and 5 ml Citrus Fresh with purchase. NOTE: The Aria Diffuser is capable of diffusing any essential oil.

AromaLux Diffuser: A combination atomizer, air purifier, and diffuser, the AromaLux™ is the most powerful way to create a beneficial environment with essential oils. Designed by D. Gary Young and available exclusively through Young Living, the AromaLux incorporates proprietary design principles, technology, and features to simplify and enhance the aromatic experience. The AromaLux utilises a robust array of settings, including a master timer control off switch with 1–10 hours of diffusion; vapour volume control; diffusion run timer (1–20 minutes); diffusion pause timer (1–20 minutes); and 5 different LED display light settings. Accommodates 5 ml and 15 ml Young Living essential oil bottles. The AromaLux can transform any space into an inviting, aroma-filled atmosphere. The AromaLux comes with a free 15 ml bottle of Thieves essential oil blend.


Exciting new products

Thieves Fruit & Veggie Combo Pack: Enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables as nature intended with Young Living’s Fruit & Veggie Combo Pack. There are chemicals, toxins and people touching your fruit and veggies at the store with their bacteria infected hands, so having a great way to clean them before eating is a great way to ensure your health. Bundled together, our Fruit & Veggie Spray and Fruit & Veggie Soak utilize naturally derived ingredients and the cleansing power of Thieves® essential oil blend to effectively wash produce at home or when on the go.

Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray is great for single-use servings or when you are away from home. The convenient spray bottle fits in a purse, backpack, or carry-on, making it easily accessible. With just a few spritzes, you can quickly and efficiently clean fruits and vegetables no matter where you are.

Thieves Dish Soap: With naturally derived ingredients, Thieves® Dish Soap is our plant-based formula that effectively cleans your dishes without chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. Young Living pure essential oils—Thieves®, Jade Lemon™, and Bergamot—work with natural enzymes and other botanicals to leave your dishes sparkling clean.

Thieves Laundry Soap: With a plant-based formula, Thieves Laundry Soap gently and naturally washes your clothes, leaving them truly clean without any chemical or synthetic residue. Natural enzymes and powerful essential oils add to the formula’s strength to leave your clothes fresh and clean with a light citrus scent. Thieves Laundry Soap can be used in all washers, including high-efficiency, and its highly concentrated formula (6X), lasting you a long time.

Light The Fire - 5ml: The warm, spicy aroma of Light the Fire™ includes Mastrante and Northern Lights Black Spruce from Young Living’s Ecuador and Canada farms, along with Nutmeg, Cassia, Ocotea, Canadian Fleabane, Lemon, Pepper, and Hinoki.  Diffuse this blend for an inspiring fragrance in any environment or add it to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a powerful aromatic experience. Light the Fire includes the naturally occurring constituents beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and limonene.