The Path to More!

More income. More time.
More fulfillment. More gratitude.


Make a difference in the lives of others. Reap the rewards!

It’s all about sharing. If you can do that, you can promote wellness, purpose and abundance with Young Living. On your schedule. On your terms. At your pace. But with all of the tools, support and community you could hope for.

Our product categories – including wellness, green living, supplements, nutrition, and personal care — are some of the most sought after in the world today! Better yet, our essential oils offer quality and integrity people can’t find anywhere else!

Young Living Exceeds $1 Billion In Annual Sales For 2015– Record-breaking sales make Young Living the first essential oil company to surpass huge milestone!

Young Living has great potential for you to earn a very successful full time income. If you want to be part in this billion dollar company and share in some of the profits, then join us!

Adam Green is a young man who started Young Living a few years ago, he now makes around $500,000 per year profit, and he explains in the following video how to get started in Young Living. (Click on Photo to play Video)


Low Pressure. High Potential.

abundance-conf-photoMost people are drawn to Young Living more out of a desire for wellness, passion, and fulfillment, than income. But when they experience essential oils (and all of the facets of life they can enhance) they just can’t keep it a secret. The result is a surprisingly low-pressure business, with sky high potential!

What’s your “why”?

  • Support a healthy lifestyle
  • Eat better
  • Be your own boss
  • Be part of a community
  • Live greener
  • Help others
  • Earn more

Products that deliver.
Tools that work.

Young Living independent distributors share a passion for wellness and helping others that stems from a true love of our products and the experience they deliver. We support that mission every way we can!

From day one, everything you need to engage and educate others – including cutting-edge websites, brochures, videos, emails and more – is at your fingertips. We know that the easier we make Young Living to share, the easier it is for you to succeed!

The key to creating a successful business and residual income is explained in this following video. (Click on Photo to play Video)


It’s simple to get started!

There are two ways to get started with Young Living.

1. Join as retail customer – this is for those who do not want to run it as a business.

2. Join as a wholesale member – this is for those who want to enjoy great products at wholesale prices and to build a thriving and successful income business where you earn an income from others who purchase the products. NO selling involved, you simply profit from others who are using the products.  Ask me for more information.

Start by experiencing Young Living’s products for yourself, these products speak for themselves. Share them with others at your own pace, and get paid generous bonuses and incomes! Many have started earning $300–500 their first month, and built a $2,000 residual monthly income in 90 days, which then keeps increasing. Earning bonuses and income from sharing wonderful health products is an amazing opportunity!

Once you’re a wholesale member (a distributor), you’re eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program. As a member you’ll get guaranteed monthly delivery of your favorite Young Living products at wholesale prices and a reduced shipping rate!

You’ll also earn as much as 20% of each order in Essential Reward points redeemable for free products, plus additional compensation and bonuses including Rising Star Team Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Profit sharing Pools and more!!!

Live well… do more…

with essential oils!

For maintaining chemical free healthy homes and healthy bodies, essential oils are simply extraordinary. Discover their abundant potential for yourself, by becoming a Young Living Wholesale member (independent distributor) today!