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If you would like to join our team and have ability to receive beautiful essential oils and products, The first step is to decide if you want to be a retail customer which allows you to purchase and enjoy Young Living’s wonderful range of products.  Alternatively, if you are wanting to enjoy the products and also visualise yourself turning it into an income generated business, then choose to become a wholesale member / distributor, and then also join the Essential Rewards program.

So, you are able to join as a Retail Customer, or as a Wholesale Member, also known as a Distributor, the choice is yours.

Please see the chart below to get an understanding between the differences of Membership and what is right for you:

To join Young Living as a Wholesale Member / Distributor and Business Builder, you have the option to buy any Young Living products you choose, alternatively you can choose one of the following Starter Kits, which are available when you click to JOIN.

1. When filling in the form, it’s always recommended to select the “Wholesale Member” option, so you can save 24% off all of your orders.

2. Be sure the “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID” are both 3023102

3. Fill in all the fields.

4. Choose the Starter Kit of your choice.

5. Follow the rest of the signup process.

6. Contact me afterwards if you have any questions.

My Sponsor ID: 3023102