How to Start with Young Living Essential Oils

When I first started using Young Living Essential oils, I was hoping to utilise natural ingredients to treat some of the things we use chemicals and medications for every day. After talking to people and researching it for myself, learning about issues such as immune support, emotional health, soothing digestion and more – I decided I wanted to see if they could work for me too as they are for so many other people.TestingOilsAgave

Now as a result, I use oils daily – I apply and diffuse regularly throughout the day according to how we’re feeling (you’ll LOVE having a diffuser)! It freshens the air and room and there’s no need to worry about chemicals or breathing in anything bad.

I wanted to receive the highest quality essential oils possible, without having to spend a fortune (high quality therapeutic grade essentials oils aren’t cheap!), so I made sure to join Young Living and sign up as a wholesale member. I appreciated that there’s no obligation to sell essential oils or any other products to anyone and that I can save 24% off retail prices! I’ve also been building my collection of oils by taking advantage of monthly bonuses and promotions.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out essential oils as well, I’d like to invite you to take an exciting, rewarding and healthy journey with me. I’ll introduce you to a great support system and give you the best support I possibly can. I’ve learned the methods to stretching my budget as far as possible each month and I’d love to share that with you.

You can use these beautiful essential oils and other Young Living products for yourself, or you can also decide to share your experience with Young Living essential oils and products with others, and receive an income for doing so when they too begin using these wonderful oils and products.  After all, we all do it already anyway, sharing our experiences with friends, family and people, for example, if we use a great product or service, we tend to tell others about it.

Recently I joined a new Mobile Phone plan by Boost Mobile, for an amazing $40 per month I get heaps of data and unlimited calls, so naturally I wanted to share this great news with others, which I did and many of them now also use Boost Mobile plan. However, I get NO reward or income for doing so.  There are many other products and services I have recommended to family and friends, yet I have never been rewarded or given an income for doing so.  Yet with Young Living you share as you normally do with other products and services, yet with Young Living you get rewarded for doing so, in fact many people are making a full time income through Young Living.

The following videos feature Adam Green, one of the top leaders in Young Living and he explains an introduction to Young Living and how to get started right in Young Living.

Please note: Adam is from Canada, yet the foundational information covered applies to Australia also.