Personal Care

Begin and end each day with the power of essential oils for bath and body personal care products. Enjoy luxurious shower gels, hair care, lotions and soaps to soothe you, and give you a fresh start.1428963884100343

Instead of using shampoo’s filled with harmful and toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients, consider the safer Young Living Lavender gentle hair products. Gently cleanses and volumises fine hair while nourishing and restoring balance. Long known for its ability to improve the appearance of hair and skin, Lavender oil works to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. They are great to massage into scalp for appearance of healthy-looking hair.

Personal Care Lavender-SeriesYoung Living soaps contain Lavender and Rosewood essential oils. Both act as natural moisturisers. They are a much safer alternative to the dangerous and harmful chemical soaps on the market today.

Enjoy our beautiful Evening Peace™ Bath & Shower Gel, maintains the appearance of healthy, toned skin. Essential oils such as Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium helps refreshing, relaxing, calming, energizing, and uplifting feelings.Deodorant

KidsShampooWe also need to consider our young children’s safety and well being. KidScents® Shampoo contains no synthetic perfumes, colors, or toxic ingredients, making them a wonderful alternative to the harmful chemicals in other kid’s hair shampoos. The natural components in this shampoo makes it a great alternative to other chemical products being sold today.

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